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Algerian Research Network (ARN)
The network ARN was deployed in the early 90s to build a technological infrastructure for the benefit of all stakeholders in higher education and scientific research. The network ARN provides national and international connectivity and regularly evolves according to the changing technologies and capabilities of available infrastructures. This network, through the products is developed by the CERIST services to support the needs for specialized information network infrastructure.
The ARN Network Infrastructure
  1. ARN connects 116 institutions including universities, research centers, national schools and preparatory schools.
  2. ARN is built on a national backbone with 10 POPs.
  3. ARN uses three international links with about 1.4 Gbps; one with the pan-European research network GÉANT (622 Mbps) and two Internet links to commercial suppliers (777 Mbps).
This important ARN backbone is available from the first quarter of 2011. This backbone, managed by the NOC RNA is an IP/MPLS network with IPv6 fully used in the backbone and connectivity between Giga Ethernet 10 PoPs of the network using the operator's fiber optic infrastructure Algeria Telecom.
All connected institutions saw their increased connectivity and also between 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps (41 universities are 100 Mbps).
1. Connection services:
  • Connecting institutions RNA network.
  • An IP broadcast service (multicast).
  • Connection and access to GÉANT research network in Europe.
  • A structured IP service that enables communication at national and international level through GÉANT and internet.
2. The communication and information services:
  • An information portal:
  • Network services: mail, web, DNS, proxy, authentication ...
  • A support service to the technical teams, at the request of the institution for the assembly of their different services (email, web sites, intranet, ...)
  • Access to content through search engines, websites and databases available to CERIST particular.
  • An interactive video conferencing service and audio and video streaming service.
  • Grid facility
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