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Moroccan Academic and Research Wide Area Network (MARWAN)
MARWAN is the national computer network that is dedicated for education, training and research. It is an information infrastructure connecting educational institutions and is run by the National Centre for Scientific and Technical Research (CNRST).
Since its inception in 1998, MARWAN has been a driver for Moroccan universities to develop new services in education, technology transfer and scientific research. CNRST relies on the evolution of communication technologies internationally to improve the quality, service and network architecture of MARWAN. In its new topology, MARWAN offers institutions and universities a choice of speed from 2 to 100 Mbps. CNRST services include Student Management System, Digital Work Environment, Moroccan Virtual Campus, National Grid Computing, Moroccan Institute of Scientific and Technical Information, Global Information System, Videoconferencing, and DNS services. The available grid infrastructure at CNRST is a 60-core with12-Terrabyte storage available for grid computing services at the national level. Its connection to the GÉANT network was reserved only for academic traffic, when it was connected to EUMEDCONNECT.
All Internet traffic “commercial” is conveyed by another Internet link from the core network provided by Meditel. MARWAN has been connected to EUMEDCONNECT 2004 -2011for linking to European research and academic sites and is interested in re-establishing connection. CNRST Team supports the Africa & Arabia ROC.
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