Abu Ghazaleh & Co. Consulting

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global), founded in 1972, is an international professional services group working through more than 100 offices in the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, India, Cyprus and China. It has representative offices in Europe and North America and non-exclusive strategic alliance agreements with various networks and individual firms thus enabling it to choose a firm best suited to its clients' needs in virtually every country in the world.
It currently offers a comprehensive range of professional services covering Accounting, External Audit, Internal Audit, Corporate Governance, Taxation, Educational Consultancy, Economic and Strategic studies, Management Advisory Services, Professional and Technical Training, Technology Transfer Project Management, Real Estate Management, Investors and Business Advisory Services, Human Resources and Recruitment Services, E-Government, E-Commerce, E-Education, IT and Security Audit, Webmastering and Web Design, Professional Interpretation and Translation, Website Arabization, Domain Names Registration, ICT Strategic Planning, ERP Consulting Services, IT and Internet Skills Training and Examinations, Intellectual Property News Agency, IP Business and Asset Valuation and Branding Services, IP Registration and Protection, Intellectual Property Renewals, IPR Protection and Management, Legal Services (Solicitors and Attorneys), and Public Offering.

Jordanian Universities Network- Jordan

The Jordanian Universities Network Company (JUNet) is a nonprofit company with limited liability which has been founded and funded by the public universities to manage the network and provide services to these universities. JUNet is managed by a Board of Directors composed of the presidents of the public universities.

JUNet is considered as the National Research and Education Network. Currently, 11 public Universities and 15 Community Colleges are connected to this network. JUNet is planning to connect the other private Universities and National Research Centers to the network to enable them to participate in the national learning and research activities.

The specific objectives of the Jordanian University Research and Learning Network are:
  •    To provide the Jordanian Research and Learning (R&L) institutions with a first-class TCP/IP network which will facilitate communication, collaboration, experimentation, and learning.
  •    To encourage students, faculty members and researchers to use high-speed networks to increase productivity and foster a culture of innovation.
  •    To develop a Jordanian Research and Learning community.
  •    To provide a platform for connecting the Jordan R&L community to the global R&L community.
In general, the main focus of JUNet is satisfying the common needs of the public universities.

Centre National Pour La Recherche Scientifique et Technique - Morocco

CNRST, the National Centre for Scientific and Technical Research, is a public institution. Within the framework of the government’s policy, the CNRST’s assignment is to promote, develop, and value scientific research, according to the country’s cultural and socioeconomic needs. It acquires a central role by providing universities and research centers with advanced tools and infrastructures that meet their needs.

The CNRST is providing several services to the Moroccan research community, among them are the following:
  •   Moroccan Academic and Research Wide Area Network (Marwan): it provides, deploys and maintains the necessary network infrastructure for universities and research centers.
  •   National Grid Infrastructure (MaGrid): In the framework of the government support to scientific research and to scientists, the CNRST was charged to build a national grid infrastructure dedicated to intensive computing and to data storage.
  •   Institut Marocain pour l’Information Scientifique et Technique (IMIST): It aims at providing the research and industrial communities with scientific and technical documentation to assist them in their activities. Several documentation databases were implemented for this purpose;
  •   A set of technical (hardware and software) infrastructure providing several services to the academic and industrial sectors (chemistry, material science, biology...).
The CNRST is also active in several international projects and collaborations, and is also involved in several worldwide cooperation contracts with several countries: Belgium, France, Spain, USA and many others.

Sudanese Research and Education Network - SudREN

Sudanese Research and Education Network is the national research and education network. In 2004, SudREN was founded and developed under the umbrella of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Since the beginning of October 2009, SudREN has been operational under the umbrella of the Association of Sudanese Universities. SudREN bandwidth is 155 Mbps and its services include: Access to the journals World, Virtual Library, Host servers internally, Video-conference, and more. SudREN is implementing a link to UbuntuNet, the African Research and Education Network through AfricaConnect.
The main objective of the Sudanese Research and Education Network (SudREN) is to collectively secure broadband connectivity among the Sudanese research and educational institutions, with other NRENs in Africa and the rest of the world. Additional objectives are an increase in sharing of knowledge and collaboration for research, education and development activities.

The Computing Center Al Khwarizmi (CCK)

The Computing Center Al Khwarizmi (CCK) is the internet service provider for the sector of Higher education and scientific research in Tunisia. Since its creation, CCK plays an active role in concretizing the strategy of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research related to the use of Information and Communication Technologies in order to modernize higher education and advance scientific research.Currently, CCK is the responsible of the National Academic Network (RNU) connecting more than 380 institutions of higher education, scientific research, administrations, etc… and serving almost 400 000 users from, teachers, researchers, students and administrative staff. CCK offers different e-services to its users as hosting all academic web sites, national academic applications (e-registration, e-orientation, virtual library Biruni, etc…) and e-mail service to all its users. Since September 2012, CCK launched the new version of its Network (RNU 2) based in optical fiber connections and offering a range of speeds from 20 to 100 Mbps.

The Egyptian Universities Network (EUN)

The Egyptian Universities Network (EUN) was founded in 1987 to serve the faculty staff members and the higher education community at large. In 1987, EUN connected the Egyptian universities together. By the year of 1989, EUN was connected to the European Academic and Research Network (EARN) and connected all the Egyptian universities, in addition to some academic, research, governmental institutes as well. During this period and until 1993 EUN launched information services, such as; databases searching and document delivery to provide the higher education community with different resources of information helping the faculty staff members and researchers and sent them the results via e-mail.In 1990, EUN endeavored to connect the Egyptian universities to the Internet, in 1993 the actual connectivity took place through 64Kbps and it became the main leading portal to the Internet in Egypt.EUN had witnessed a lot of changes due to the rapid advancement of ICT. Currently, EUN has a 1024 Mbps international link to the Internet, 1024 Mbps to Internet2 (GLORIAD). In addition to the connectivity, EUN is the Top Level Domain (.eg) of Egypt. Also it provides technical consultation in ICT to help academic community make the best suitable network solutions. EUN carries out web page design to its users and further hosting on its web servers.