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e-Infrastructures for Education, Research and Development

A CHAIN-REDS Workshop organized in association with EUMEDCONNECT3 under the aegis 
of the European Commission and in co-location with the e-AGE Conference 2013 
organised by ASREN, in cooperation with INFN, Sigma Orionis and CHAIN-REDS project partners

December 11, 2013 - Tunis, Tunisia


CHAIN-REDS is a FP7 project co-funded by the European Commission (DG CONNECT) aiming at promoting and supporting technological and scientific collaboration across different e-Infrastructures established and operated in various continents, in order to define a path towards a global e-Infrastructure ecosystem that will allow Virtual Research Communities (VRCs), research groups and even single researchers to access and efficiently use worldwide distributed resources (i.e., computing, storage, data, services, tools, applications). for more information: http://www.chain-project.eu/


Project Partners

Explore CHAIN-REDS partners HERE


Workshop Objectives

  1. Presenting CHAIN-REDS project outcomes to date
  2. Exploring existing e-Infrastructure initiatives relevant for the Arab region
  3. Offering an overview of the current status of e-Infrastructures in ASREN countries
  4. Enhance the effort of several e-Infrastructures for R&E to interoperate with Europe addressing interoperability, inter-operations and cloud federation evolutions
  5. Raise awareness on the opportunities of data sharing across different e-Infrastructures and continents widening the scope of the existing CHAIN Knowledge Base to Data Infrastructures
  6. Propose lines of actions, possible future initiatives and projects that can fit into the European Digital Agenda and the next Horizon 2020 Work Programme
  7. Demonstrate the relevance of intercontinental cooperation in several scientific fields addressing existing and emerging VRC (e.g. Earth Science, Climate Change, Genomics, etc.) and propose pragmatic approaches that could impact on the everyday work of the single researcher, even if not structured in a VRC
  8. Provide a forum for discussions and debates on recent developments and perspectives in the field
  9. Ensure the CHAIN-REDS project partners deliver tangible and win-win outcomes to the relevant communities by sharing and debating the project outputs


Workshop Details

Venue: El Mouradi Hotel, Gammarath, room No. (to be available soon)

Date: 11th December, 2013

Agenda: Click HERE to view the agenda

Fees: Free of charge