(College/University) Faculty of economic and political science ,Cairo University
BC in political science Cairo university, 2000
Master degree in political science from faculty of economic and political science ( the Impact of Cyber terrorism on the use of power in international relation ) , 2009
Preparing for have PHD in political science, 2011-2013
Expert at Ahram Center for political & strategic studies (2003- present)
Project Manager of Arab Center for Cyberspace Research (ACCR) www.accronline.com
Interested in:Cyber politics,Digital democracy,Cyber terrorism,cyber security 
Information technology and political processes,The soft power in international law
the new media ,Non traditional security ,and Internet governance 
1- Cyber terrorism and the power in international relation : new pattern and new struggles , ahram center for political & strategic studies , cairo ,Egypt, 2009 ,444 pages
2- cyber space ،and Public Opinion…Changing Society, Tools and Impacts, issues, international center for future &strategic studies , Mar.2011,44 pages ,
3- digital democracy ,concepts , international center for future &strategic studies , Nov.2009, 33 pages 
4- Cyber power: Weapons of mass destruction proliferation in the age of cyberspace, strategic issue, Arab center for cyberspace research , October 2012, 44 pages 
5-New media and emergence of new actors in the public sphere - the case of the use of electronic campaigns, Arab center for cyberspace research, April 2013,35 pages 
6- E-campaigns: the concept and mechanisms to influence – kurasat ealamia " media issues" - Ahram Regional Institute of Journalism, May 2013, 45 pages
2012: Get the award for best Arab cultural project for 2011 and get the prize of His Highness Sheikh Salem Al Ali Al Sabah Informatics in Kuwait in March 2012 for a project of the Arab Center for Cyberspace Research 
2010: Get the book prize of the Republic in communication and information technology about my study "digital democracy and the political role of the Internet in the Arab world in May 2010
2008: Run for the Dubai Award for journalism in 2008 from the study of the Internet as a new arena for international spy
2007: Award for United Nations Program for Human Rights in 2007, report about " blogging: new type of political participation

Ambassdore Faeqa Saeed Al Saleh is currently Assistant Secretary General of the League of Arab States – Head of Social Affairs Sector (September 2012 – Present). Before taking her current position, she was Advisor to the Secretary General of the League of Arab States (LAS), and Director of Education and Scientific Research at LAS as well as in charge of the Arab Economic and Social Council Secretariat. Before joining LAS, she was the Assistant Undersecretary for Planning and Information at the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain and held several positions in statistics and educational planning for 25 years. She is a member of several regional and international councils such as: EFA Global Monitoring Report (GMR) Advisory Board, International Institute of Educational Planning’s (IIEP) Council of Consultant Fellows and Council of the Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education (AROQA), Council of Arab Scientific Research and Education Network (ASREN). She also been a member in many councils and higher committees such as: G8/BMENA on Education Task Force, Arab Planning Institute Council, Public Administration Institute Council and the Education Committee of the Supreme Council of Women. She also held key positions in many projects such as national coordinator of Education For All (EFA), project coordinator of the Education and Training Reform in Bahrain and project manager of enhancing the quality of education in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Research interests focus on education reform and development and comparative education. She published a number of books in Arabic within the Education System in the World Series. She is also in charge of producing national reports on education in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Chief Editor of the "Educational Information Journal ". She participated in several conferences, seminars..etc, and presented a number of papers and lectures in education, management, librarianship, information and educational planning.

Karim Chine is a software architect, a social entrepreneur and an independent expert in cloud computing and research infrastructures at European Commission. After graduating from Ecole Polytechnique de Paris and Telecom ParisTech, Karim held positions at Schlumberger, IBM, EBI and Imperial College London. Karim is the author and designer of Elastic-R, a pioneering Virtual Research Environment for scientific and statistical computing, reproducible research and collaboration in the cloud.

Academic level 
State Doctorate in Sciences (Doctorat d’état ès Sciences) in Biology ( University of Montpellier) with the following professional experiences & skills:
  • Lecturer in Biological Sciences at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, from 1/10/1971 to 1/01/1975.
  • Assistant-Professor in Biological Sciences at the Faculty of Science of Tunis, from 1/01/1975 to March 1979. 
  • seconded to the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) in France (University of Montpelier): 1979-1980. 
  • Associated Professor in Biology at the University “Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc” in Montpelier (France), from 1980 to 1983.
  • Professor of Biology at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, from October, 1984 to October1990.
  • Full Professor of Biology at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis since 1990.
  • Founder & Director of the Research Unit of "Biology, Ecology and Parasitology of Aquatic Organisms", code 99/UR/09.04, since its creation in 1999. 
  • Founder and Coordinator of masters in "Integrative biology and functional Ecology of Coastal Ecosystems". 
  • Mediterranean’s Trainer in Sciences and Biotechnologies, (since 2001).
  • Member, from 1993 to 2007, of the National Committee of Project Selection within the framework of the FEM/NGO Program of micro-funding of the UNEP, Member of the piloting National Committee of the PMF of FEM
  • Founder and President of the Tunisian Association "Women and Sciences" 
  • Has obtained a Certificate of appreciation for exceptional voluntary service, United Nations.
  • Corresponding member of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters (since 2011) 
  • Member of the Gender Research network in Africa & in Arab Countries (MENA) into ICTs for Empowerment (GRACE), http://www.grace-network.net/research_teams.php.
  • Member of the research network of the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD).
  • Attends Conferences of the Sharing Knowledge Foundation since 2002.
  • Has supervised over than 100 thesis dissertations, many of whom are now teachers researchers in universities and Research centers of Tunisia.
  • Has published over than 200 articles in international journals.
  • Has achieved several consultations and expertises in the field of environment, living marine resources, gender, scientific research, training and education.

Born in Rafah/ Gaza Palestine, in 1948 and studied at the UNRWA schools, Prof. Ali zeidan  Abu Zuhri  was appointed as a minister of education in June, 2013. Before that, in 2012 Abu Zuhri was appointed as a minister of transportation in Palestine.
As a scholar, Abu Zuhri completed a BSc. in Chemistry in 1970 at Assiut University with honor degrees. At the same venue, the University of Assiut, Abu Zuhri has also completed a MSc. in electrochemistry, and a PhD in analytical chemistry.  
In his administrative role,  prof Abu Zuhri got a presidency of Al-Aqsa University, Gaza for nine years, a vice president for Academic Affairs at the the Arab American university , Jenin and an academic consultant, at the Arab American University, Jenin, and other universities in Palestine. Later, he became a chairman of Chemisry Department at An-Najah National University in Nablus - Palestine.
Major professional work assignments also included a professor of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Science, An-Najah National University, and Nablus - Palestine. Previously, Before that he worked as an associate professor, and later as a professor at various Palestinian universities in both West Bank and Gaza. Additionally, he taught chemistry at some Arab universities and was appointed as a prof. of analytical chemistry at the United Arab Emirates University, (UAE). Through a Fulbright Scholarship, Abu Zuhri moved to USA, as a visiting associate professor at Southern Illinois University, and Miami University.
Other activities included an appointment as a Palestinian Delegate for (Synchrotron- light for Experimental Science and  Applications) in the Middle East project (SESAME Council), October 2011. As well, he was appointed as a president of the Scientific Research Council, Ministry of Education and Higher Education in March 2010.  Similarly, Prof Abu Zuhri, became a chairman of the board of Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
Abu Zuhri's scholarly work included the supervision of a good number of PhD dissertations, and MS theses for student scholars in Gaza and the West Bank. Those dissertations were significantly focused on chemistry applications. Moreover, he was chosen as a reviewer of scientific research articles, and later as a chief editor at university journals where he worked.

Patrick Fassnacht started in Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics at the University of Strasbourg (France) in 1979. From Nuclear Physics he moved to Intermediate Energy Physics participating to various experiments in the domain of “coherent” pion production and searches of multibaryonic states at the CERN SC and at SATURNE (Saclay/France). In 1984 he got his PhD diploma of “Docteur Es-Sciences”. When joining the CPPM at Marseille he moved to High Energy Physics joining the CPLear collaboration (focus on CP violation in the 3??channel) and finally the ATLAS experiment. To the latter he contributed as Test Beam coordinator and later for six years as Technical Coordinator of the ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter system. He was responsible for getting the calorimeters assembled, integrated into the cryostats and commissioned. From April 2004 onwards, for a period of more than six years, he was acting as CERN ATLAS Team leader. During that period he had interactions with the numerous ATLAS Users coming to CERN; at that time he started to establish strong collaboration with some countries from the Middle East and North Africa. Since late 2010 he is also the CERN Scientific Coordinator of the AIDA program.

Salem Al-Agtash, got his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1998. He is now the Dean of Computer Engineering and Information Technology School , an associate professor of Computer Engineering at the German Jordanian University and a Senior Advisor on ICT and Technology at Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization. Dr. Al-Agtash teaches classes in the fields of computer systems, electrical engineering, systems programming, and robotics at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His research interests are in the areas of electricity markets, agent based energy systems, education, innovation, and industrial linkages and international cooperation.

Beyond his academic work, he is a consultant and advisor on several technology and education related projects at Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization, European Commission, United Nations, University, and many national and international organizations. During his academic career, he served as a department chair, founding director, founding dean, and currently the managing director of the Arab States Research and Education Network, GmbH, a non-profit institution responsible for developing a sustainable Pan-Arab e-Infrastructure dedicated for research and education and connecting the Arab Universities and research centers. Dr. Al-Agtash is fluent in Arabic, English, and Turkish, has devoted a large portion of his career towards research advancement, developing relevant and quality ICT educational programs, strengthening tri-partite links between university, private sector and government, and building international cooperation. He won several awards and grants and has published more than twenty refereed journal papers and about twenty five conference papers and working reports. He is a prominent speaker in many national and international conferences and meetings.

Yousef Torman is currently working as Managing Director for the Arab States Research and Education Network (ASREN). His aim is to establish a pan Arab e-Infrastructure to support the development of research and education in the Arab region. His responsibilities in ASREN include Technology, Networking and Infrastructure. Youssef’s main focus is to promote and encourage the use of technology and networks for research and education

Yousef worked also as Executive Director of the Jordanian Universities Network (JUNet), the Jordanian National Research and Education Network. He participated and chaired many national and regional committees and initiatives that focus on research and education infrastructures. He also co-established and managed the new Computer and Information Center at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST); one of the largest Universities in the region with focus on science and technology.

Yousef has played a prominent and key role in the efforts and initiatives that aim to establish a Pan Arab regional e-Infrastructure for scientific research since more than 5 years.

H.E. Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh born on April 22nd, 1938 in Jaffa, is the Chairman and Founder of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization.  Founded in 1972 (TAG-ORG) is an international professional services group, TAG-Org is an international professional services group with 80 offices and 180 representative offices worldwide.
It currently offers a composite range of professional services covering Accounting; External Audit; Internal Audit; Corporate Governance; Taxation; Educational Consultancy; Economic and Strategic studies; Management Advisory Services; Professional and Technical Training; Technology Transfer Project Management; Real Estate Management; Investors and Business Advisory Services; Human Resources and Recruitment Services; E-Government; E-Commerce; E-Education; IT and Security Audit; Webmastering and Web Design; Professional Interpretation and Translation; Website Arabization: Domain Names Registration; ICT Strategic Planning; ERP Consulting Services; IT and Internet Skills Training and Examinations; Intellectual  Property News Agency; IP Business and Asset Valuation and Branding Services; IP Registration and Protection; Intellectual Property Renewals; IPR Protection and Management; Legal Services (Solicitors and Attorneys); and Public Offering.

Mohamed JEMNI is a Professor of Computer Science and Educational Technologies at the University of Tunis, Tunisia. He is the Head of the Research Laboratory of Technologies of Information and Communication & Electrical Engineering (LaTICE) at the University of Tunis (www.latice.rnu.tn). Since August 2008, he was the General chair of the Computing Center El Khawarizmi, the Internet services provider for the sector of higher education and scientific research in Tunisia. Recently, he became a manager of resaerch department at ALECSO.

His Research Projects Involvements during the last 20 years are tools and environments of e-learning, High Performance and Grid computing and Accessibility of Information and Communication Technologies to People with Disabilities. He is currently conducting two main projects in his laboratory:

  • Development of an e-learning environment for students with disabilities.
  • Improving accessibility of deaf community by the use of ICT and sign language.

He published more than 150 papers in international journals and conferences and produced many studies for international organizations such as ALECSO, ITU and UNESCO. He has a patent for the application MMS Sign to make mobile phones accessible for deaf people. Mr. Jemni and his laboratory have won several awards, including the UNESCO Prize 2008 for the e-learning curriculum they developed for visually impaired and the "World Summit Award (WSA) - Mobile 2010" in the field of social inclusion.

He is member of the steering committee of G3ICT – United Nations, Global initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies and he is also the president of a Tunisian NGO created in June 2011: the Tunisian Association of e-accessibility (www.e-access.tn). He has launched many initiatives to promote ICT accessibility in the Arab region including the project of WCAG2.0 translation to Arabic (http://www.utic.rnu.tn/wcag2.0) to promote accessibility of Arabic Web Content and the 2009 initiative for using ICT to develop Arab Sign language (www.icta.rnu.tn/asl/).


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