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Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN)  


Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN) is an Initiative by the Research Council (TRC) to establish such a national network for Oman. OMREN aims to partner with Research & Education Sector through providing world class e-infrastructure to their practical needs. OMREN works with a vision to enable innovation, research, education, strategic and International e- collaboration for the research and education community. Beyond the network, OMREN provides research tools and resources to enrich productivity of knowledge and innovation, and promote collaboration locally and internationally.

OMREN members benefit from the advanced network technology and the related infrastructure in Oman and around the world. Currently, OMREN has more than 25 active members connected with high network speeds.  Internationally, the members are linked to other research networks such as the US NREN Internet2 and the European GEANT. As a benefit of international collaboration and membership, OMREN is a recognized partner of Digicert and RIPE NCC. Therefore, OMREN members receive free services such as, trusted secure certificates and IPv6. The members access various services and resources such as Eduroam and Masader via OMREN federation, which is an official member of the international inter federation (Edugain).

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